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13 November 2011 @ 08:30 am
I've been inactive for so long~~ but I just recently return to LJ. ' v '

This is my new account: estrellamdf

If anyone still care to friend me then please feel free to do so. lol. XD
10 September 2010 @ 07:28 pm

Haven't drew KHR for so so long. TuT

Happy Birthday to Gokudera Hayato~! Just some doodles and a comic (1859~~ with 8059 and alight hint of 2759 if u like them P:)

pictures undercut~Collapse )

I'm so busy with school, arrrg!! Just one more year, T^T
Next I will post my hetalia art. *3* It's been so long since I update my journal...

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27 February 2010 @ 11:00 pm

All the 4 openings under this cutCollapse )

Boys from Starry ☆ Sky in Spring

Actually I'm still on Spring, lol. XDDDD But I really love spring!! The Seiyuu are all awesome! ;3; Tomoe->Midorikawa Hikaru-san(Shiki from Togainu, Sora from Sukisyo, Rukawa in Slam Dun k), Suzuya->Ono Daisuke-san(Koizumi from Haruhi, Shizuo in Durarara!!, Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji) and Kanata->Tomokazu Sugita-san(Gintoki from Gintama, Kyon from Haruhi, Mayama from Honey&Clover)!!
This is why I'm aiming for all of them!! lol. XD

Now I am so in love with HoneyBee's works. T^T I know I'll spend lots of money on their products. OTL Drama CD and stuff, arggg. I also want to play their other series, VitaminX.

Starry Sky will also have the anime soon, I'm really looking forward to it!! Midorikawa-sannnnnn!!! >o<
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10 February 2010 @ 08:09 pm

It... finished!!!! T3T
Thx to my friend for colouring Thai-san for me!!
Hopefully I'll be able to print them all out and send it by this weekend. ><
Srry about all the delay, ppl!!
Actually, I'll still need to buy a few more stamps. *q*

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20 December 2009 @ 04:22 pm
The postcard is still not finish. T_T I'm so sorry but it will not arrived to all of you in time for new year especially those who live in N.America. OTL

Anw, random doodles.

Ahhh, I'm so lazyyyyyy. :(
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14 December 2009 @ 04:50 pm

Title: Our 8059
Volume: 1
Theme: 8059 is love
Pairing: Yamamoto x Gokudera (8059)
Rating: NC-17, Yaoi
Page: 181 pages
Main website:

Day of release: Dec 24th 2009

Coming out soon. ^^;
12 December 2009 @ 05:03 pm

America is poking England's cheek? XD
It seems so intentional. Maybe it's a fan service for BeiEi fans. lol.

I wished they would make a Spain figure, seriously.

PS. Christmas Break! Yay! XD

PS2. I finally finished the fill for the 8059 is LOVE online anthology! T_T
Took me so long, I guess it's because I'm just not into KHR that much anymore...

PS3. Despite having so many art trade already, I really wanna send holiday cards!
Send as in sending it to your home! I'm making an APH postcard right now for the aphholidaypost and so wanted to know if anyone is interested in receiving one as well?
It'd be cool if you send something back to me too (maybe a postcard from ur country etc.) but it's totally not necessary. :D
So... if you're interested leave me a comment or something or maybe you can wait to see the finished postcard art first then decide whether you want it or not.
My plan is that the main picture would be of the 7 Asian countries and also, I would draw you your country as well on the other side (or maybe another country if you request).


So It will look something like this... (I think)

There will be some changes but basically it'll be based on this.
I'm not sure whether a lot of people will want it or not but if there are a lot then I think I have to limit the number down...
Anw, it's first come first serve! :D
(Also, please keep in mind that it is a handmade postcard and I'm not that good at cging
so if the quality is not that good please don't be too much disappointed. TwT!)

List of ppl I'm sending to so far
( ) = country they r from, [ ] = Chibis I'm drawing at the back for them

- zuve (Finland) [Russia]
- Apollo Pompano (Canada) [RoPu+Doku]
- crystalmir (USA) [BeiEi]
- need_coffe (Sweden) [Prussia]
- Ally (Malaysia) [BeiEi]
- Irma (Czech) [SeiRomaPu]
- Patricia (Malaysia) [SeiRoma+Nichi+Chu]
- Liffy (Thailand) [RoTai]
- Aum (Thailand) [BeiEi]
- Brain (Thailand) [RoChu]
- Julia (USA) [VietBei]
- Catmenrulz (USA) [BeiEi]
- yokainomiko (USA) [SeiRoma/SuFin/BeiBela/Nor]
- cutthroatpixie (USA) [SeiRoma]
- xtwilightzx (Canada) [BeiEi]
- 「•チェシャ•」(Thailand) [BeiEi]
- yaoi_queen (USA) [DokuI/BeiEi]
- rissa_ichiko (USA) [RoBei]
- -๐ l)al2k=MaP1e ๐- (Thailand) [FutsuTai]
- pOONA (Thailand) [EiChu]

So many USUK fans, lol. XD
It started to become long maybe I'll close this soon... idk


OMGOMGOMG Check this out!!!!
A gift art from Lynn-san of Spain and Fem!Romano!!!!! XDDDDDDD
She's like my favourite USUK dj artist! :D
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06 December 2009 @ 08:57 am

In iscribble with my friends on Friday. :) I like it very much for some reasons.
28 November 2009 @ 08:49 pm

I really dont have time for anything at all lately.

Wait until holidy come and I'll be drawing like crazy!!!! >:D
Also, I signed up for many art exchange this year...
2 for Hetalia 1 for Gintama and 1 for Oofuri. =w=;;;
Hopefully, I'll manage to finish all of them on time.

I love this pairing!! XD Somehow they kinda remind me of Abe/Mihashi from Oofuri. I guess they do resemble a bit...?
Maybe it's also because of my inability to draw Tweek. lol.

Anw, my favourite pairing in South Park is actually Style! Kyle is so cuteeeeeeeee. <333333

I wanna buy the DVD but I dun have money now. Haha. XP
05 November 2009 @ 11:51 pm

These are some cosplay pictures from Hetalia only event in Thailand several months ago, lol.
Some of the cosplayers, I do not know, so I cannot give them credit. ;3; But I'll post the link of the one I remember. :)
Also, these are pictures from my friend's camera. I do not own it. (I didn't even bother uploading them, haha)

very BIG pictures underneath. Blame my friend for not resizing them. D:<Collapse )

Only six pictures. lol. Actually there's a lot more but I'm lazy. >w> Probably time for me to go to sleep...